Monday, November 1, 2010

Ask Bomberger: Traveling Workout

If you are on a family vacation for the holidays and wont have access to a gym, what are some in-home (hotel size room) workouts you can do to still get in a killer workout?

Here is a sample routine you can do that I demonstrated for NBCLA on the Wake Up Workout morning segment.

Using timed sets like this 40:20 split, 30:30, 15:15 or 15-20 minute density sessions are great ways to maximize your workout with limited space, equipment and time. Below are some of my favorite body weight exercises to implement in a body weight routine. Choose one exercise from each group to create your own timed set or density circuit:

Total Body/Agility
Burpees (with push up, with jump, with both)
Ice Skaters
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Hops

Upper Body
Push Ups
T-Push Ups
Dive Bomber Push Ups (Vinyasa Pose)
Jack Knife Push Ups
Hand Stand Push Ups (against wall)

Lower Body
Jump Squat
Alternating Lunge
Drop Lunge to Balance
Lateral Lunge
Prisoner Squat
Split Lunge Jump

Side Plank
Russian Twists
Iron Cross (lower body twist)
Reverse Crunches

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