Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get Off The Abductor-Adductor Machines!

I saw three personal trainers and tons of people on the lamest machines known to gym-kind today. Here are some words of wisdom for all persons participating in fitness programs: GET OFF THE ADDUCTOR AND ABDUCTOR MACHINES! Perhaps the most worthless piles of metal in the gym, these machines only perpetuate several existing muscular imbalances people already have. Instead of sitting in that machine practicing your best Sharon Stone impression, try these functional exercises to strengthen those A-D and A-B-ductors:

Lateral Tube/Band Walking
Side Bridges with Hip Dips and Leg Abduction
Lateral Lunge to Balance
Lateral Step Ups
Side Lying Leg Abduction

Give those exercises a shot and you will work the same muscles, actually incorporate more muscles and be more functional!

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