Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Leg Workout Without A Gym!

Don't have a gym to get to? Don't worry! Local community colleges and local high schools are in fact a great place to go if you are looking to keep in shape without a gym! Why are these public facilities such great places to seek out? Schools with a football team will often have stadium seats or stairs that can be used to get a great cardiovascular workout. Running the stadium stairs offers a unique challenge to the body because traveling up steps adds resistance to the workout which increases the demand of the exercise. Not only will your run be more challenging, but you will increase power in your legs and increase overall speed. Having strong, powerful and defined legs is not just for athletes, it can be a great benefit for everyone! Another great thing about running up and down stadium steps is it is a built in interval training session, which is ideal for burning fat. Your hard jaunt up the stadium will be demanding on your muscles and require a short burst of muscle action. As you jog down to the next set of steps or back down the ones you came up, it will allow your body to slightly recover before the next run up the steps. This is interval training at is finest. Jogging up and down your local high school's stadium steps are a great way to burn the muscles in your legs and better yet burn fat. Try going up and down your local stadium steps consecutively for fifteen minutes to the best of your ability and feel the burn!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wakeup Workout: Burpee Exercises

Burpee all over the place! This exercise is an awesome way to add a little kick to your routine. What makes the burpee so demanding is its use of several major muscle groups and stabilizers. The more powerful and controlled you are in your technique, the more muscles you will work! The burpee will spike your heart rate and is a great finisher or exercise to super set to add intensity and caloric expenditure to your routine!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

S-E-L-F Care...

Four letter acronym that could potential change your life: S-E-L-F. On yesterday's Dr. Oz I picked up an amazing acronym that can be used to remind us how we can live a more healthy and well life. Each letter stands for a technique that will help alleviate stress and promote wellness which goes something like this: S - Serenity, E - Exercise, L - Love, F - Food. For those of you who have followed these articles and blogs will remember a blog I wrote about stress and cortisol. This acronym will help you relieve stress and reduce those cortisol levels! Let's talk about each one individually.

Serenity - Take five minutes a day to yourself to enjoy some serenity. Serenity is sitting down in a place with some peace, quiet and time to just simply clear your mind. Performing meditations are a great way to find some serenity. Start at five minutes a day and build to fifteen minutes of clearing your mind and meditating. Try this simple technique: Sit down in a quiet room or space. Lay down or sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose a nice deep breath expanding your lungs and counting to six. Breathe out fully expelling your air to the count of six. Repeat this process just simply focusing on your breathing for as long as you are comfortable. This will be a good start to getting your mind clear. Focusing on the breath will help clear your mind and focus your attention on yourself.

Exercise - If you read the cortisol article you remember that exercise releases endorphins which are your body's natural "feel good" neurotransmitters. Pump some iron, get a jog or some cardio going and stretch out, your body will love you for it. Remember, exercise is a natural stress reliever, USE IT!

Love - Make time for friends, family, significant others and all those special people around you. Do not block out your spouse, talk to your family members, hang out with your friends and surround yourself with people that you care about and who care about you. Love nurtures, love grows and love expands. Take your mind off all the deadlines and financial troubles by sitting down and simply having a conversation with someone you care about every single day.

Food - Making positive food choices will have a huge impact on the way you feel day to day. There is a saying, "You are what you eat." When you eat junk food, you feel and look like junk. When you make healthy choices, your body will feel great, energized and run clean as a whistle. You wouldn't try to fill a Ferrari's gas tank with water right? Don't put junk in your body. Fast food, junk food, alcohol and drugs, keep it out of your system and your body will love you for it!

Remember this little saying "SELF Care". It speaks for itself. Remember serenity, exercise, love and food and four things that you must experience daily to keep yourself healthy, fit and well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wakeup Workout: Legs

Here is the latest Wake Up Workout with Chris Schauble. This little leg circuit is great for beginners and even intermediate fitness goers. If your body weight is too easy, grab some light dumbbells and turn your reach into a shoulder press!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Gym In The Hotel? No Problem...

Well everyone I have been in San Francisco all weekend celebrating an anniversary with my girlfriend. The trip this weekend has been wonderful and we've done a lot of walking and activities. Regardless, I still wanted to get in a little more intense work and the hotel I'm at doesn't have a gym. I'm sure many of you may have and will run into this same situation. Don't fret, there are ways around this! I figured this was a perfect opportunity to practice what I preach and do my own little spontaneous mini-workout. Inside the hotel I did a twelve minute density set to burn fat while my girlfriend was in the shower:

Prisoner Squats x 10
Push Ups x 10
Iso Walk x 10
Knee Raise & Crunch x 10

I flew through that bad boy eight times in twelve minutes. I was sweating a little and my heart rate was up a bit. Not bad for twelve minutes...enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

NFL Predictions: Week II

Well everyone, I went 12-4 last week with my predictions and I am looking to better that this weekend! Last week was a great start to the NFL season, here are how I see the match ups for week two!

Carolina vs Atlanta: Carolina was one of my upset picks last weekend against the Eagles. Jake Delhomme didn't look so hot and the Atlanta Falcons are one of my teams to really keep an eye on this season. I call the Panthers falling to 0-2 and the Falcons improve to 2-0 with an impressive performance on both sides of the ball.

Minnesota vs Detroit: I have to hand it to the rookie Matt Stafford for getting out and completing some balls in his first NFL game. It is a shame that three of them ended up in the hands of the other team. The Lions will be competitive in this game as they build off last weeks loss. The bottom line is Adrian Peterson is going to be too much for the Lions to handle. Brett Farve will improve this week with a more solid performance. If Peterson stays healthy as well as Farve, I say this team around week five will be a scary offensive team as Favre will start to find a stroke after a few more weeks of work with his team. Vikings over the Lions.

Cincinnati vs Green Bay: Both these teams had real close games last week, and this week should not be any different. Carson Palmer needs to keep the ball out of Green Bay's hands and they need to establish the run early on to relieve some pressure off Palmer to get it done. Green Bay on the other hand, is not coming off a stellar game by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but one hell of a finish! I think Green Bay rides the high from last weeks win and really tunes up their game against Cincinnati. My pick is Green Bay over Cincinnati by a couple scores.

Arizona vs. Jacksonville: One of the biggest questions in this game is: can Arizona handle the trip to the East Coast? Last season, the Cardinals were nearly pitiful in games played on the road, especially on the East Coast. In my opinion, Arizona is coming off a disappointing loss to San Francisco last week and they need to find a rhythm early on in this game to pull it out. Jacsonville's defense will be solid in this game and will rely soley on D to try and pull this one out. My pick is Jacksonville over the Cards with a stellar game by Jones-Drew.

Oakland vs. Kansas City: Much to my surprise, Oakland looked GOOD last week. Their biggest downfall is their Qb Jamarcus Russell. Watching them against SD last week the Raiders showed a strong running game, hustle on defense and the ability to smack people in the mouth. If Jamarcus Russell can avoid turnovers, I say Oakland wins this on the ground and wins over the Chiefs.

New England
vs. New York Jets: Mark Sanchez was impressive last week. Tom Brady was nails last week. I don't think the Jets have it in them to slow down the New England offense. I think Sanchez will have a good day against the New England D, which seems to me to be their question mark this season. Without Seau, Seymour, Bruschi and Harrison, this defense is hurting. I think this will be a high scoring game that will result in another Tom Brady showcase and the Pats on top.

New Orleans vs. Philadelphia: Drew Brees is a beast. The New Orleans team put on a clinic last week and will have their first defense test against the Eagles this week. With Donovan McNabb suffering some broken ribs, I don't think the Eagles will pull this one out no matter who lines up under center: McNabb, Kolb, Garcia it doesn't matter. I call a W for the Saints.

Houston vs. Tennessee: The Titans lost a heart breaker to the Steelers last week. Tennessee is a VERY good team and I think they are going to handle Houston no problem. Titans over the Texans.

St. Louis vs. Washington: I love my Rams, but the bottom line is they are not that good. The got completely shut out last week against the Seahawks; that's right zero points. Washington looked pretty decent last week against the Giants. For a guy who lost his starting position, Antwan Randle El looked like the go to guy for the Skins. I call the Redskins over the Rams in potentially a blowout.

Seattle vs. San Francisco: San Francisco upset the Cardinals last week and will have a chance to prove themselves this week against another division rival. I am going pick the Seahawks in this one, simply because they have some great offensive weapons and a seasoned QB. This one will be closer than we would have thought last year, and Seattle edges Singletary's Niners in a close one.

Tampa Bay vs Buffalo: Buffalo looked very impressive last week against the Patriots. Buffalo is a tough team with some great talent on both sides of the ball. Trent Edwards looked poised and commanding in the Patriots game and I think the Bills take it to Tampa Bay and put a hurtin' on them.

Pittsburgh vs Chicago: Pittsburgh is good. Real good. They are one of my favorites, if not my favorite to win the AFC. I watched them last week against the Titans and they are a solid football team all the way around. Chicago struggled a bit last week and Jay Cutler threw way too many interceptions. Unfortunately for the Bears, without Brian Urlacher and some bumps and bruises from last week they will fall to 0-2 this week, with the Steelers walking away with some nice stats from the game.

vs Denver: Cleveland didn't loo that bad last week against the Vikings. In my opinion they played pretty well. Denver on the other hand, won but didn't look stellar. I am picking the Browns over Orton and the Broncos in this one.

vs. San Diego: I am a bit of a Charger fan, being from So Cal and all. And having been an undersized running back, I have an extreme soft spot for Darren Sproles. The truth is last week against the Raiders, the Chargers weren't very good. In fact, I'm going to go as far and say they looked soft. Baltimore is a very physical team and is going to hit hard, if not harder than the Raiders. Baltimore wins this one with good ol' fashion smash mouth defense and some consistent, not prolific offense.

NY Giants vs. Dallas: The New York Giants looked solid last week against Washington. I was very impressed by their ability to make plays, even with a young and inexperienced receiving corps. I know Dallas came out on top last week, but I'm not sure they have what it takes to put up too many points against another GREAT NY defense. Giants over the Cowboys in this divisional match up.

vs. Miami: This will probably be a fun Monday night game to watch. I think the Colts addition of Hank Baskett is a good one. I think he will be a great compliment to the big play threat of Reggie Wayne. The Dolphins defense is excited about this match up, but energy won't out do the brilliance of Peyton Manning. I call Colts over Dolphins in a Monday night thriller...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wakeup Workout: Stretching

On this morning's Wakeup Workout, I explain to Chris the function of a dynamic warm up and demonstrate a basic beginner's warm up routine. Remember that these warm ups are designed to elevate core temperature, prep the body for exercise and make you sweat a little!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Patriots Do It Again...

Tom Brady is back. That could sum up Monday night's first game in a few short words, but the Patriots vs. Bills debut showed a lot more about both teams in this first game of the season. Let's take care of the obvious stuff first: Tom Brady still has the magic. The Patriots offense did sputter a bit and didn't score like the well oiled machine it was in 2007, but I believe the last five minutes they found a rhythm that will likely set the tone for their offense the rest of the year. Brady, Moss, Welker and now Watson seem to make a scary threat through the air. Fred Taylor is a nice addition to the ground game alongside Maroney and third down extraordinaire Kevin Faulk. Tonight my point was proven over and over, for some reason no one else in the NFL has figured out that whenever the Patriots have a 3rd and less than 10 yards to go THEY ALWAYS GET THE BALL TO FAULK! Wake up defenses all over, it happens every year, every game and every third down situation! Tonight's surprise for me was how porous the Patriots defense looked. I think the departures of Bruschi and Seymour will prove to be more detrimental than we all may have the thought. The Bills were able to average nearly five yards a carry tonight and Trent Edwards converted on several key downs to lead a pretty successful passing attack against the Patriots D.

The Bills on the other hand, proved they are the real deal. I thought the Bills had a very impressive performance tonight. The biggest flub of the night came on McKelvin's very un-heads up return in the final ticking minutes taking the kickoff return out of the end zone when he clearly should have taken a knee. Up until the last five minutes of the game, the Bills were holding on to an 11 point lead and sitting on a fairly dominant performance. About two seconds before the Patriots closed the Bills lead to 5 points, I was just telling my mom on the phone "If anyone can come back in this situation and will it is the Patriots." Sure enough, thanks to McKelvin not taking a knee for a touchback, the Patriots capitalized by executing a textbook "Stand up and strip," thus putting them in a great situation. Tsk, tsk Leodis McKelvin. Other than that I thought Trent Edwards, the Bills backs and receivers looks pretty good on offense. The Bills O-line had a pretty solid game and proved it can protect the passer and move some bodies in the run game.

All in all I'd have to say the Pats and Bills will probably meet again in the future for another good showdown. If the Bills can learn from this game and continue to play with confidence they will have a great seasons. As for the Patriots, they need to tighty up that defense. Well I guess if you have Tom Brady it doesn't matter, just let that dude play.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Presidential Fitness

Here is a recent excerpt from a article on Yahoo! about Michelle Obama's workout regimen and it had a little bit to say about Barack's super swole routine:
The president is featured on the cover of Men's Health magazine and says he is committed to working out six days a week. His regimen includes two days of cardio and four days of strength training, with two workouts focusing on upper body and two workouts focusing on lower body. He says that although he is in good health and could cut back his exercise a bit, he relies on it to "clear my head and relieve me of stress."

Sounds like a pretty good workout routine. My only real issue with this is, Mr. President, if you are dedicating this much time to your physical wellness, why not try to stop smoking on top of it? I know it is a habit he isn't proud of, but there is no bigger oxymoron in the world than seeing someone leave the gym all worked out, only to light up before they even reach their car across the parking lot. I commend the President for his efforts. My professional recommendation as a personal trainer and health coach Mr. President, is that you buy a patch and kick the habit! Why not incite more inspiration to Americans everywhere by proving you too can overcome personal bad habits.

It's just some advice, don't take it personal. I'm simply making a recommendation as I would to anyone who walked into the gym looking for fitness advice. Once that habit is kicked Mr. President, you're on your way to a life of superior health and longevity!

NCAAF and NFL Oh My!

The college football season has taken off with a pretty exciting start. There have been several major upsets and some pleasant surprises. I watched the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game and all I can say is: watch out for Tate Forcier. The dude is money! Starting as a true freshman yesterday against Notre Dame and the kid played like a seasoned veteran. He and the rest of the Michigan team have a pretty solid season ahead of them.

Speaking of Michigan, remember this is the program that just a week or so ago was accused of breaking NCAA rules for practice and training. There has been a lot of talk about their strength program and their insane strength coach Mike Barwis. It looks like the hard work has paid off, because Michigan looked pretty tough yesterday. The only thing they need to work on is their corner backs are terribly scared of getting beat deep and played less than great yesterday. Nonetheless, the ND vs UM game was pretty exciting and still hold the opinion that when under pressure, Jimmy Clausen is just not that good.

The USC vs OSU game was another stellar display of defensive genius. What we must all realize at this point is no matter who is playing quarterback, running back, linebacker or corner back for USC, Pete Carroll is still the head coach and he will always find a way to win. What he has done for the USC program is unrivaled elsewhere in the college football world today. If Pete Carroll is calling the shots, you are going to win, plain and simple. Do I think USC is the best team in the country? I wouldn't quite say that yet, but we all know Pete will keep them in the hunt all year.

Last but not least, today is the first Sunday of football for the 2009 season. I must say I was impressed by both the Steelers and Titans in Thursday night's opener. Both those teams will be competing for that top spot in the AFC when it comes to December. It will be great to see how all the teams look today in real game situations. I made some predictions at the beginning of the preseason and I will continue to predict and analyze the entire season.

Here's my picks for today's wins and losses:

Atlanta soundly beats Miami with a great opening performance by the Falcon's offense

Baltimore puts a lid on Cassel and Kansas City's start

Carolina edges the Eagles

Palmer and Ochocinco look like they did a couple seasons ago and beat the Broncos sputtering offense

Adrian Peterson, the old man and the Vikes light up the scoreboard on Cleveland and an inconsistent Brady Quinn

Mark Sanchez wins in his first NFL start with the Jets over the Houston Texans

Peyton Manning pulls out a W in a last minute comeback against Jacksonville's D

Romo and Co beat a solid QBless Buccaneers

As much as I like Stafford, Drew Brees and New Orleans put on a passing clinic against the Lions...the loss won't be Stafford's fault

Arizona barely wins against a new and improved Singletary's Niners. Arizona's D will struggle again, but Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald pick up right where they left off last year...

Eli spreads the ball around to his unseasoned receiving corps and edges the Redskins

Marc Bulger will commit some untimely turnovers and lead the Rams to a loss against the Seahawks

Jay Cutler proves to be a golden child and guides the Bears over the Packers...making a statement right off the bat here in week 1

Pittsburgh will barely beat the Titans in overtime....oh yeah that already happened!

New England gets a boost of confidence from a solid performance behind Brady, despite questions about his shoulder and the Pats beat Buffa-T.O.

San Diego smashes Oakland in one of the most boring NFL Monday night openers simply because every time I watch Oakland play I contemplate running my head into the wall at full speed...I really can't stand watching Oakland play...

That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get Faster with R-A-N

Athletes always want to know, "How do I get faster?" There is a pretty simple acronym to work with, that will always keep your body on track to getting faster. Speed is increased with gains in stride length and stride frequency. The longer the strides and the quicker your legs turnover, the faster you will be. R.A.N. is a simple acronym that stands for Resisted Assisted & Neutral. Basically, these are the three types of running techniques that can be employed to increase speed.

Resisted running is any type of sprint that forces the body to overcome resistance. Parachute runs, hill runs, stadium runs, sled drags and sand running are all forms of resistance that can be used to increase stride frequency and power in your sprint technique. Assisted running is used to help increase stride length and will also force your body to increase leg turnover. Doing bungee sprints, downhill running or extremely intense treadmill runs are ways to perform assisted running. Assisted drills will teach the body to go "faster", by placing it in a situation where it must work faster that it normally does. The final piece to this simple puzzle is the neutral running. You must practice your form and perform regular sprints and drills to transfer the increases in performance from the resisted and assisted drills into real life speed!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unilateral Training

Here's a new one to add to your fitness dictionary and a technique to start incorporating into your daily routines. Ever heard of unilateral training? Unilateral Training is moving the weights, resistance or load one side of the body at a time. This includes all exercises where one appendage is doing work opposite of the other. This training technique will not only increase the intensity of your workouts, but it will help eliminate or at least reduce to some degree the effect of over dominant limbs. Having a body that is balanced in strength and stability is important to long term health of the body's muscles and joints. How do you perform unilateral training?

It is simple, you can replicate all traditional bilateral exercises using just one limb at a time by using cables and dumbbells. Here are some great unilateral exercises you should be able to recognize:

Upper Body

Single Arm Row (using cables or dumbbells)
Single Arm DB Chest Press
Single Arm DB Shoulder Press
Single Arm Lateral Raise
Single Arm DB Incline Press
Single Arm Lat Pull Down (Using a D Handle instead of pull down bar)

Lower Body

Step Ups
Lateral Lunges
Knee Drives
Single Leg Squat
Single Leg RDL

Remember that with unilateral training, you need to perform all the equal reps and sets on EACH side! Don't take short cuts and perform half the reps with one limb, and half with the other! A good rule of thumb is to pick your weak limb first and work that before the strong side. That way you only work as hard as your weaker side and allow it some time to get closer in strength and stability to your dominant side!


Not Enough Time to Workout?

We all know time can be hard to come by some days. Whether its work, running errands or family commitments, it can be tough to budget time for yourself. I'm here to let you know if you have as little as 15 minutes, you can still find a way to do your body some good! There is a technique called Density Training, which has been made fairly popular by strength coaches Robert Dos Remedios and Alwyn Cosgrove. With Density Training, you select a minimum of three exercises: a lower body exercise, an upper body exercise and a core exercises. For your upper and lower body exercise, choose compound movements that require movement at more than one joint and recruit several muscle groups. This will make your density session much more efficient. Designate an amount of reps, 10-15 and set a time: 10, 15, 20 minutes in which you will complete your three exercise circuit as many times as you can in the set time. This is awesome strength-cardio, and a great way to build endurance and work capacity. Here is a great basic sample density session:

Jump Squats x 10

Push Ups x 10

Seated Russian Twist (Medicine Ball Twist) x 10

Run through these exercises one after the other, with little to no break and get as many rounds in as you can in your 10, 15, 20 minute session. Your goal is to get more and more rounds in the given time, and to be able to build up your overall time!

Have fun!