Sunday, September 13, 2009

NCAAF and NFL Oh My!

The college football season has taken off with a pretty exciting start. There have been several major upsets and some pleasant surprises. I watched the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game and all I can say is: watch out for Tate Forcier. The dude is money! Starting as a true freshman yesterday against Notre Dame and the kid played like a seasoned veteran. He and the rest of the Michigan team have a pretty solid season ahead of them.

Speaking of Michigan, remember this is the program that just a week or so ago was accused of breaking NCAA rules for practice and training. There has been a lot of talk about their strength program and their insane strength coach Mike Barwis. It looks like the hard work has paid off, because Michigan looked pretty tough yesterday. The only thing they need to work on is their corner backs are terribly scared of getting beat deep and played less than great yesterday. Nonetheless, the ND vs UM game was pretty exciting and still hold the opinion that when under pressure, Jimmy Clausen is just not that good.

The USC vs OSU game was another stellar display of defensive genius. What we must all realize at this point is no matter who is playing quarterback, running back, linebacker or corner back for USC, Pete Carroll is still the head coach and he will always find a way to win. What he has done for the USC program is unrivaled elsewhere in the college football world today. If Pete Carroll is calling the shots, you are going to win, plain and simple. Do I think USC is the best team in the country? I wouldn't quite say that yet, but we all know Pete will keep them in the hunt all year.

Last but not least, today is the first Sunday of football for the 2009 season. I must say I was impressed by both the Steelers and Titans in Thursday night's opener. Both those teams will be competing for that top spot in the AFC when it comes to December. It will be great to see how all the teams look today in real game situations. I made some predictions at the beginning of the preseason and I will continue to predict and analyze the entire season.

Here's my picks for today's wins and losses:

Atlanta soundly beats Miami with a great opening performance by the Falcon's offense

Baltimore puts a lid on Cassel and Kansas City's start

Carolina edges the Eagles

Palmer and Ochocinco look like they did a couple seasons ago and beat the Broncos sputtering offense

Adrian Peterson, the old man and the Vikes light up the scoreboard on Cleveland and an inconsistent Brady Quinn

Mark Sanchez wins in his first NFL start with the Jets over the Houston Texans

Peyton Manning pulls out a W in a last minute comeback against Jacksonville's D

Romo and Co beat a solid QBless Buccaneers

As much as I like Stafford, Drew Brees and New Orleans put on a passing clinic against the Lions...the loss won't be Stafford's fault

Arizona barely wins against a new and improved Singletary's Niners. Arizona's D will struggle again, but Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald pick up right where they left off last year...

Eli spreads the ball around to his unseasoned receiving corps and edges the Redskins

Marc Bulger will commit some untimely turnovers and lead the Rams to a loss against the Seahawks

Jay Cutler proves to be a golden child and guides the Bears over the Packers...making a statement right off the bat here in week 1

Pittsburgh will barely beat the Titans in overtime....oh yeah that already happened!

New England gets a boost of confidence from a solid performance behind Brady, despite questions about his shoulder and the Pats beat Buffa-T.O.

San Diego smashes Oakland in one of the most boring NFL Monday night openers simply because every time I watch Oakland play I contemplate running my head into the wall at full speed...I really can't stand watching Oakland play...

That's all for now!

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