Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swine Flu Doom and Gloom...

This just in, the economy appears to be on its way to recovery, but sadly for many Americans most of you will not enjoy soaring stocks and the regaining of lost money because you will die from the swine flu this winter. The CDC is estimating 60,000-100,000 people will die from the swine flu this winter here in America. It might just be me, but we are not a third world country and this just sounds ridiculous. Talk about bad for your health: could the media be any more efficient at eroding any sort of healthy outlook on the world? If its not terrorists that are going to kill you it is cancer, if it isn't cancer its the struggling economy and lack of resources. If the financial hard times aren't enough to kill you and you survive that, well don't worry the swine flu is here to make sure you are in danger of dying VERY SOON!

I could be wrong, but all the doom and gloom in the news to me is just as unhealthy as eating Big Macs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm not trying to be overly optimistic, there are real issues in the world that we should all be aware of and we need to deal. But we certainly don't need to be scared out of our wits just for existing! Our attitudes about the world, our perspective on reality greatly shapes the reality we experience. This is why I believe filling our heads with perpetual doom is ultimately a tad bit on the unhealthy side. I believe a healthy self and world view is important to human wellness. If any of you remember my article on the stress hormone cortisol, you will understand why the mental anxiety created by the media's constant apocalyptic forecast is damaging to human wellness.

Should you get the swine flu vaccination when it comes out? Of course, why not!? Should you be cautious with your money, spend and invest with discretion? Of course! Should we lock ourselves in a shelter and not live life, living in total fear of all the impending doom? Definitely not. Because in reality, there is the good to go with the bad, the joy to go with sadness, and rebirth with every death.

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Anonymous said...

Considering the swine flu vacine is untested and there is now talk of requiring up to three different injections, I'd severely question recommending this as a preventative measure. Washing your hands is still the safest and least toxic solution.

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